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I thought if I declared my love, I was sure to succeed? (告白したら成功確定だと思った? Kokuhaku Shitara Seikō Kakutei Da to Omotta??) is the sixth episode of the Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko Janai to Omotta? series. It aired May 12, 2016.


Hideki is nervous about revealing his true feelings for Ako before summer vacation. When the first term's final exams draw near, everyone rallies behind Ako, who is in danger of flunking the term, in order to make sure that she passes."


The Alley Cats helps Sette with a job promotion quest

As Rusian shares a story about Yuyun, a crossplay-marrying player he met during his solo playing days, he struggles to get his feelings of affection across to Ako outside the game. As Nanako tries to help Ako adjust to real-life conventions, the group helps Sette with a job promotion quest, and is now a Summoner able to call upon pets as supporting party members. Despite the easygoing attitude of the group, Nanako mentions the final exams coming up, leading Kyo to announce a temporary suspension of club activities until exams are over. When Hideki questions Ako about her previous test scores which are all below passing, Hideki and the other guild members pull through to help her study within the game, to which everyone passes, including Ako. While an exhausted Ako logs off to rest, Rusian has an honest conversation with Schwein and Master about how to confess to Ako, to which none of them have any real love experience to say much. Nevertheless, they still think of ways for Hideki to confess, and as Hideki and Ako have an afternoon stroll while talking about the upcoming training camp, they have a stop at the park, where their methods are revealed as extremely vague and lackluster. Despite this, Hideki gathers his courage and asks Ako to be his girlfriend, and much to his shock, she declines the proposal. After Kyo and Akane do a comical dance to console Hideki, Akane calls up Ako revealing that her in-game wife mentality was the reason for her decline.


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