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I thought reincarnating would give me my big chance? (転生すればワンチャンあると思った? Tensei Sureba Wanchan Aru to Omotta??) is the fifth episode of the Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko Janai to Omotta? series. It aired May 5, 2016.


"Ako asks to play a different game during the club meeting, and Kyou suggests a first-person shooter. Ako feels threatened when she thinks Nanako is interested in Hideki, and withdraws from both school and her friends."


Hideki helping Ako to max out her character

As Rusian explains to the guild that Sette is a fresh player, Schwein offers to teach her, to which she playfully declines. The next day, as Ako suggests that the club should play a different game, Kyo's searches result in them playing the FPS game Ultra Force, using Ako's hatred of normies to snipe targets with exceptional skill. After an all-night Ultra Force gaming session, a sleep-deprived Hideki finds Ako exhibiting behavior similar to the game, while Nanako questions them on their whereabouts within Legendary Age. Hideki and the others soon realize her identity as Sette within the game, and while a dazed Akane rocks back and forth, a frustrated Ako storms off after Nanako clarifies her in-game marriage as her perception of a way to take Hideki away from her. After no signs of communication with Ako in the real world, Hideki decides to talk to Ako in the game, revealing her intention of maxing out her level and reincarnating as a different character. Completely devoted to playing Legendary Age, Ako has blocked the in-game chat as well, leaving Hideki to bring back Ako on his own. Deciding to confront Ako at her house, Ako's mom gives Hideki the key to her room, where he helps her to max out her character. Staying at her house overnight, Rusian and Ako confront their fellow players in the morning with Hideki intending to drop out of school like Ako, and while Ako goes against it, he states that the players will miss her as much as they do him. Knowing how she really feels and empathizing with her struggle with reality, Hideki convinces Ako to come back to school again, standing by her side all the way.


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