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Mrs. Tamaki
Ako Mom anime.png
Japanese: 亜子の母
Romanized: Ako no haha
Personal Info
Gender: Female
Relatives: Mr. Tamaki (husband)
Ako Tamaki (daugther)
Manga: Chapter 15
Anime: Episode 5
Voice Actors
English: Colleen Clinkenbeard
Japanese: Megumi Takamoto

Mrs. Tamaki is the mother of Ako Tamaki from the Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? series.


Mrs. Tamaki is a tall, very beautiful woman with long straight hair, button up shirt and a business skirt. Despite being a mother, Mrs. Tamaki holds a very youthful appearance that caused Hideki to mistake her for Ako's older sister.


Mrs. Tamaki is a very kind and understanding mother, supporting Ako's desire to play games, but wants her to make friends in school. Mrs. Tamaki can be easily too trusting or understanding as she let Ako continue to believe she has a 'husband' and letting Hideki, a teenage boy, to have the key to her daughter's room and their house. However, her heart is at the right place and believed in what's best for her child. Mrs. Tamaki doesn't seem to understand the sense of privacy as she has a spare key made for her daughter's room and goes in whenever she wants to check up on her as she believed that she has the right since she's a worried mother.


Not much is known about her, but it is known that Mr. and Mrs. Tamaki have been married for quite some time, and at some point Mrs. Tamaki give birth to Ako. However, Ako developed some social problems and couldn't be dealt with due to the Tamaki's busy duty at work.



Ako Tamaki

Ako is Mrs. Tamaki's daughter. Mrs. Tamaki deeply loves and cares for her daughter very much as any mother would do, but didn't have time to help her deal with her social problems due to overworking along with her husband. Mrs. Tamaki understands Ako's desire to not go to school because she doesn't make any friends there and she wants to play games, but she still makes her go to school from time to time.

Hideki Nishimura

Hideki is Ako's in game husband whom Mrs. Tamaki takes fondly to. Tamaki remained supportive of their relationship and entrusts Hideki to care for Ako, even giving him a spare key to Ako's room and their house, seeing him as a kind young man.



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