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Adventurers of the Races

Legendary Age features different races each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

Armor Knight

One of the classes (occupation) often found in MMORPG and others. Tighten with defense-oriented skills and heavy armor armor, fight at the forefront in battle and act as a shield for ally. Since it is an existence which can be said to be the key of a party in battle, do not say dis "Do not you think this wall is weak?" Or "Do not you get out of the shield!"


The key to the party to recover physical strength. Whether intonation is a healer ↑ or healer ↓, you can generally understand whether you are doing a net (→ heal)


A thing of what is called a wolf man. Although legend and folklore are enigmatic and sacred existence, in the game "unreasonable level of Zako" is an unfaithful existence being treated. Originally very strong


Magician "summoning" various things from different world "summoning master". Elementary who calls the spirit, summoner called Necromancer who calls the evil spirit Because there is a two-partist, the degree of recognition is somewhat subtle! In some cases it is written as "summoner" (→ Summoning)